What is technological hybridization ?

Associating two energy sources of different nature consists in carrying out a hybridization.

This notion opens a wider field of investigation than if we consider only a single technology to be implemented to satisfy an energy problem: hybridization will make it possible to consider the sizing of sources from different angles to satisfy one or more criteria.

In the case of a need expressed through a cycle  of use (electrical power as a function of time, for example), the reflection around the optimal sizing of the components aims to satisfy the initial energy need in terms of performance, at which we combine, among other things, the objectives of system performance, component durability, reliability, and overall economic cost.

The dimensioning of the components is then modified by the weight assigned to each of the criteria taken into consideration.

Behind the hybridization and the sizing of the components necessarily appears the notion of controlling the flow of energy between the different sources and the possibility of applying an optimal energy management strategy at the system level to achieve the expected objectives.

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