Range-extenders for vehicles and electric machines

A hydrogen fuel cell and tank assembly controlled by an H2SYS supervisor

Examples of achievements
  • Compliant with electrical standards: CE, EMC, Low Voltage, Machine Directive

  • Compliant with tank standards: EC79/2009, R134 and/or PED

  • Integration on vehicle or electric machine

  • Standard output voltage: 24-48-100 Vdc

  • H2SYS supervisor: Canbus 2.0A communicator

  • Project support possible for integration

Product description 

H2SYS offers range extenders for vehicles and electric machines.

The range extender consists of an Aircell fuel cell coupled to a type III or type IV hydrogen tank with all its auxiliaries (tank head, pressure sensor, TPRD). On request, H2SYS can supply a support frame for the equipment or it can be delivered in separate blocks.

A supervision card  is used to control the whole “tank – fuel cell” according to the topdown information communicated through the Canbus protocol from the power batteries.

On a project basis, H2SYS can work on the power cabinet at the stack output (converter block and contactors) and support manufacturers in all the integration stages (mechanical design, ATEX, FMEA and FTA calculations, assembly of the prototype and tests at H2SYS, certification, maintenance training).

The range extenders are exclusively based on the Aircell range from H2SYS. For greater power requirements, the team can provide closed-cathode systems on which specific integration and selection work of auxiliaries must be carried out.

Product features