From hydrogen to system.

A new brand for technology transfer.

H2SYS is a technology development and transfer project based on the experience and expertise of scientists and engineers of the FCLAB federation for fuel cell research.

Porté par FEMTO-ST et financé par l’Université de Franche-Comté (UFC), la région Bourgogne Franche-Comté (BFC) et la Société d’Accélération de Transfert Technologique (SATT) Grand Est, ce projet a permis de concevoir et réaliser un générateur électrique intégrant un système à pile à hydrogène hybridé à un élément de stockage électrique, embarquant des cartes électroniques intégrant un contrôle intelligent des flux d’énergie.

H2SYS démontre la faisabilité technique de solutions compétitives basées sur l’hybridation de piles à hydrogène avec des systèmes de stockage électrique.

Pour promouvoir sa technologie, l’équipe projet a décidé de créer la marque H2SYS pour accompagner les industriels dans l’élaboration de solutions hybrides. Celle-ci est temporairement « incubée » par Femto Engineering pour la phase de maturation technologique permettant ainsi de répondre aux sollicitations des industriels. La start-up H2SYS sera lancée officiellement pendant le 1er semestre 2017.

From start’up to SME

Since its creation in 2017, H2SYS has been able to continue its activity of integrating hydrogen systems and is now experiencing strong growth.
In the current context of the fast-developing energy transition, the innovative technologies developed by H2SYS are increasingly in demand. Companies from all sectors and large industrial groups have clearly made strong commitments in terms of CSR, in France and abroad. To meet this demand, H2SYS has adapted its offer and expanded its catalog which now consists of 4 product ranges:

Fuel cell systems from 500 W to 3000 W (AIRCELL°)
– Low and high-power hydrogen generator sets (from 5 kW to 100 kW) for mobile and stationary
applications, (BOXHY® and THYTAN®)
– Hybrid didactic solutions (battery / fuel cell) dedicated to training.
– On project, hydrogen solutions for small and medium series machines.

The SME has chosen to set up its new industrial site in a strategic location: Belfort, in North Franche-Comté. The new 1,300 m2 H2SYS site is dedicated to the production of fuel cell systems hydrogen generators and tailor-made solutions for off-road applications.
This allows to meet the growing demands for hydrogen applications and particularly to manufacture, assemble and test hybrid hydrogen systems.

Create together your solutions.

We design modules integrating cutting-edge technologies articulated around a system that optimizes the cost, performance and lifetime of our hydrogen fuel cell systems.

We size and design our systems according to our end user specific requirements.

Each application has its own specificities. By listening carefully, we analyze the needs and build a relationship of trust with the client in order to co-construct and adapt our solutions to best respond to their problems.

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