Hydrogen-powered range of generator sets

“0 emission” electric generators for powering mobile or stationary applications from 1 – 130 kVA

Construction, public works, events, UPS for buildings…

You are looking for a mobile or stationary solution for power generation. H2SYS, designs and manufactures hydrogen powered electric generators. Our gensets produce electricity silently and without any emission of polluting gases.

Hydrogen-powered generator sets: “Power generation for energy transition”

Whatever your application, our hydrogen powered gensets are a reliable, silent and non-polluting alternative to thermic-powered generators.

With hydrogen fuel cell genset, no more maintenance.

For mobile application and small power demand: BOXHY® genset 1-8 kVA

Are you an actor in the construction industry and looking to decarbonize and secure your sites? Are you an event industry professional looking for a soundproof source of electrical power for the organization of your concerts, festivals or sporting events?

Discover the generator sets in the BOXHY® new generation range: always more performances integrated in a new design: passage of forks, rings of lifting, sockets 32A, wheels of transport (in option) and new batteries for a hybrid operation.

This range is offered in a portable version to deliver power up to 8 kVA.

Designed by our teams, they integrate our own fuel cell system. A technical choice that allows us to have a better knowledge of our products and to increase their performance and lifespan.

Product features

For high power demand: THYTAN® product from 50 to 130 kVA

Are you in an industry that requires continuous availability of energy to operate? Are you looking for a backup solution to guarantee the power supply in the event of a power failure?

The hydrogen generator sets from the THYTAN® range deliver a power of up to 200 kVA, in order to meet significant energy needs on isolated sites, or on sites not connected to the electricity network.

Installed as a back-up solution, this range makes it possible to compensate for cuts to the electrical network, and guarantees continuous operation.

Resulting from 15 years of know-how in fuel cell and electro-hydrogen system design, the generating sets in the THYTAN® range are equipped with a hydrogen cell integrated into an ultra-efficient hybrid system, developed by our teams.

Product features

Product customization or wider power range ?

H2SYS offers customized gensets for mobile or stationary application – to help you to integrate H2 power generation for your projects.

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