Our mission: to actively participate in the energy transition

H2SYS works to promote technologies using hydrogen fuel to support the energy transition.

Hydrogen is one of the best solutions for the sustainable storage of energy from renewable sources (solar, wind,…). H2SYS solutions allow the conversion of hydrogen into electricity and heat, without CO2 emissions and in a silent way.

The electrical energy is generated from a chemical energy, hydrogen, and is efficiently stored in the systems to optimize its use. It is then released when the user needs it with higher efficiency than existing thermal engines.

Thanks to the progress made in research and the experience and skills of our team, we are now able to offer innovative and environmentally friendly solutions to economic and industrial players.

From our mission to our values

Since its creation, H2SYS has developed strong values that it shares with all its employees.

These values contribute to the creation of a specific corporate identity.

“Our strength is to willing to create a team spirit and to maintain a genuine service culture showing rigor and responsibility. But also in the will to place the customer at the center of our concerns and our organization in order to bring him a total satisfaction”.

In a constant concern to provide the best service to its customers, H2SYS is resolutely focused on the future, and the total customers satisfaction.

The different teams of H2SYS play an important role for the success and the development of the company (every day).

Indeed, anxious to participate actively in the energy transition and to satisfy our customers’ needs, all the different H2SYS teams work as one, and in continuous research, in order to propose and develop adequate, innovative, environmentally friendly technological solutions and thus to achieve scientific and technical excellence.

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