In the context of the COVID-19 pandemic situation worldwide and following the French government and OMS recommendations, specific measures have been taken by H2SYS company to preserve health and safety of all co-workers and their relatives to not spread the virus in a highly infected geographic area.

From now on, the following measures are enforced:
• All non-critical travels are postponed, physical meetings are replaced by video or conference calls, internally and externally.
• R&D studies, and collaborative projects are going on via tele work.
• Production, manufacturing, tests and delivery of H2 systems is pending, a continuity program is under study and will be launched & adjusted upon evolution of the crisis.
• Commercial, HR, after-sales services, financial and administrative activities are running as teleworking.

Despite the uncertainty that everyone is now facing in terms of schedule, business, logistics and a clear idea about the end of the COVID-19 crisis, our team stays truly involved by your side to collaborate and answer all your questions and needs.
Recovery of normal business activities will be communicated to all our partners as soon as possible.


Sebastien Faivre – CEO