In 2016, the current H2SYS teams presented the first hybrid hydrogen-powered electric generator at the Hanover fair. Two years later, the founded company in 2017 presents the hydrogen technology technical expertise  by commercializing its own hydrogen fuel cell system. Details on the company’s strategy with Sébastien Faivre, co-founder:

« Since its creation, H2SYS is offering hybrid generators with fuel cell,for replacing the old diesel gensets that induce many drawbacks.

Progressively, we noticed that the smple work of the integrator did not allow to have a total technical know-how and an adapted flexibility to cover the numerous and varied requests of our customers. The hydrogen fuel cell is the heart of our electric generators. As with the engine in the generator sets, it produces electricity from hydrogen and oxygen, making the generator work. It was therefore obvious that we had to control its operation and manufacture to develop our own fuel cell systems in our generators.

The launch of the AIRCELL® range shows the industrialization skills and know-how of our teams.

So far, we have presented in industrial fair and in our showroom prototypes always in operation. These prototypes demonstrated the expertise of H2SYS to offer concrete solutions versus industrial  needs.

H2SYS is now expanding its production capabilities of serial products that have been tested and validated for series assembly .

For the AIRCELL® range, H2SYS designs a compact, robust and reliable fuel cell system by using the best fuel cell stacks of the market. Safety, supply of reactive gases, control of the temperature and the humidity of the stack, automatic management, human-machine interface are designed and produced by H2SYS and its large network of skilled sub-contractors. »

Technical specifications AIRCELL®:

  • Technology: Hydrogen PEM
  • Rated power: 500W to 3200W
  • Fuel supply : hydrogen grade mini 3.5
  • Cooling: filtered air
  • Consumption: <66g H2 / kWh
  • Hydrogen pressure: 2 to 10 barg
  • Communication: CanBus – ISO 11989
  • Power supply: 12-24 Vdc
  • Stand alone operation
  • Complies with EC directives