Hannover Messe is the largest industrial fair in Europe, over the period of one week it hosts more than 225 000 visitors and nearly 6500 exhibitors. Since 1995, a specific part of the fair has been dedicated to hydrogen and fuel cell innovative technologies. The increasing number of participants shows the strong growth of hydrogen and fuel cell sector.

AIRCELL, hydrogen fuel cell range

H2SYS has participated as an exhibitor since 2016 and has successively presented a hybrid hydrogen electric generator with a power of 1 kW, then a generator of 5kW carrying hydride tanks of low pressure / high density.

This year, H2SYS presents at booth D75-5 located in Hall 27 its new systems with hydrogen cell AIRCELL® ranging from 0,5 to 3,2 kW. The entire AIRCELL® range incorporates a native control firmware and embedded electronics developed internally.  This latter, increases the reliability of the generators, improves their service life, limit maintenance operations and ensures optimum electrical efficiency.

The AIRCELL® range exchanges real-time information about its operation via the CAN bus or Modbus protocol (power, voltage, current, temperature, system status, etc.).

The AIRCELL® range has been tested and validated in climate chambers on dynamic load cycles including several shutdowns / start-ups.

A trustable company

Since its establishment, many customers have already trusted H2SYS for the choice of their hydrogen fuel cell system.

By developing its own systems, H2SYS is able to master the entire hydrogen transformation chain into electricity. The hardware and software can be modified to fit customer integration needs. A high-level expertise is present to support its customers,  in the fuel cell technologies integration.

AIRCELL datasheet.

AIRCELL product range. 1 kW – 3.2kW